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Rusty and Michelle Mitchell’s 150 gallon Aquarium

Rusty and Michelle Mitchell’s 150 gallon aquarium

This featured tank for January belongs to Rusty and Michelle Mitchell. It is an All-Glass All glass brand aquariums are designed for both fresh and salt water, can stand up to almost any application. Quality construction is the standard at All-Glass Aquarium. Our Black trim molded frames add strength and provide a finished look. brand 150 gallon aquarium. It is built into the wall under there staircase. They originally had a 65 gallon tank in the same place but recently decided to upgrade. When they enlarged the opening for the tank they replaced the old drywall with a stone facade which looks very nice. The tank edges are not visible with the stonework in place but in the event the tank needs to be removed it can be through the door on the side used to access the tank for cleaning and feedings.

Rusty and Michelle Mitchell’s 150 gallon aquarium

The filtration is accomplished with 2 Penn-Plax 1500 canister filters. One filter has a 300 watt Hydor in-line heater attached, while the other has a Energy Savers 9 watt turbo twist UV sterilizer. The sterilizer provides insurance against disease along with water clarification. It is now becoming almost a no brainer to install Rusty and Michelle Mitchell’s 150 gallon aquariumone of these on a large aquarium now a days due to the lower price and usefulness.

Lighting is accomplished with two 36" Aqualight T5 light fixtures. These are also becoming very popular due to the price, light output and color rendition of the fish inhabiting the aquarium. On the next service visit I will be installing a couple of Current Create the ultimate moonlight effect with Current L.E.D moonlights. Research studies have shown that using rhythmic moon luminance is very helpful in spawning captive animals. Add it to your existing hood or canopy for a complete 24-hour lighting solution. brand blue L.E.D moonlights to make a nice night effect.

The decorations are a combination of Limestone holey rock, wood and plants. The dominate piece is a 60 pound holey rock right in the middle with a steady stream of bubbles rising from beneath it. Two large pieces of wood flank either side. An assortment of plants are tucked in between. I put a 200 pound mixture of various types of natural gravel in the bottom. I liked the contrast in color and texture the mixes provide.

Fish are a mix of Australian rainbows, African cichlids, parrot fish, Barbs along with a few loaches and catfish from various regions. A few of the fish were moved from the old tank to the new home once it was ready. Fish are still being added.

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